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"Vegeta vs Batman"

[Verse 1: Batman]
It's the Bat coming back and nah-
No one can touch me
Dealing justice in the night
'Cuz only God can judge me
I do what others can't
Whatever's necessary
More than likely that means sending them
To Gotham Cemetery
I see a spikey headed clown
I'm about to break down
Thinking he's something special
But I have the real crown
Big Money Bruce means
You don't want me as your enemy
I could probably buy your planet
If it wasn't just a memory
[Verse 2: Vegeta]
The crown you wear is false
Someone needs to inspect
With true Saiyan power
I'll dispose of this insect
The mighty Prince Vegeta
I bow down to no one
Earthlings don't know my power
It's time that I show one
All of your enemies
I'd murder with a Ki shot
I'll beat down this bat
Til he looks like an ink blot
My willpower is something
That you cannot imagine
To best me in battle
He'd need the Eternal Dragon
[Verse 3: Batman]
Eternal Dragon?!
Nah, I don't make wishes
Just prepare like a boss
Then I beat down those b***hes
I take flight in the night
Vegeta, you're done for
The Batman wants justice
And you're who I've come for
Arkham Asylum is getting a new patient
A delusional prick
Who calls himself a Saiyan
I eliminate threats
Gotham City is protected
And you hold the world record
For coming in second
[Verse 4: Vegeta]
For the pride of the Saiyans
I'll show you how to fight
You're a little rich punk
Playing dress up every night
Descended from kings
In my blood is the memory
Of battle after battle
We've been conquering for centuries
I can feel the rage
In my bones as I gather up
Your planning and preparation
Still wouldn't be enough
In every situation
Super Saiyan swats a bat down
Whack-ass Wayne
Just got a Vegeta smackdown
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