"Yours Now"

[Verse - 1]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Yea, I- I like it when you just, listen more, like, I just wanna, let go)
Today I’m listening to Macy Gray
And Billie Holiday
Miles Davis and John Coltrane
Tryna reminisce on the days I would take a train to my father’s place
A few panic attacks away
Life is a circle and I used to run it
Been round it enough, to light it then smoke it up
Got me coughing 'cause I don't do this sh*t a lot
These clothes are old but my trainers the latest drop
Schmitt, Lenin on my bedside and Malcolm X
Ewan just sent me The Alchemist, that's next
My girl's here quite often these days
That’s a new picture for a frame, while the frame gets bigger then smaller
That’s my little brother in the corner
He don't look like me but he's like me
Says a lot about the world if you ask me
I'd give him the world if he asked me
In this black and white work, he doesn't read into colours
In his colouring book they all complement each other
I learn more from him than from anyone else
Not to question the world but let it question me
We should all try and listen to the simplest minds
For more times they see more than we do
Blinded by the lies that are designed to deceive you
I want to meditate and reason with evil
Heard you're forcing a reason for why we're not talking
But that’s not the truth
Some things are better let go and better unsaid
I'll shake your hand and wish you the best
I'm waking up to a sunset
And fall asleep to a drunk text
"I'm proud of you" is what my Mum said
"I love you" is what my Dad said
Yo, those are the words I need
They feel like a breeze
They let your Son breathe
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