"Flick It Up (Remix)"

[Verse 1: REASON]
Ugh, cocaine flow, Albert Pujols
Like b*tch, I park, no kidding
New diamonds gon' dance like Diddy
sh*t gon' hang in the club like Fiddy
How you say REASON got no love?
Brought about a thousand out of my city
Brought the n*gga Soul out the cave, say, "Ahh"
All while I'm drunk, n*gga, faded off Henny
Million in a month, say that's no problem, ugh
Money gon' stack like mileage, ugh
New sh*t slap like violence, ugh
n*ggas don't really want smoke
Whole life gon' change, n*gga, price gon' raise
n*gga roll seven like dice don't shake
Changed a couple lives on the way, n*gga
Bas on the way, look, I might—I might—
Take Top Dawg and hold the sh*t intact
Ho n*gga talk slick, don't mention that
Might hit your ho to get you back
She become my b*tch, expose the rat
Missed a couple steps but ain't stumbled yet
How a n*gga keep focus so intact?
I just might slap a couple blogs
Say REAS' ain't next, who told you that?
I just might shoot my shot at Doja Cat
(Yes, yes, sit on my face)

Look, eat that sh*t like leftovers
Her sh*t poke out like breath soaking
Rookie in the game with a vet focus
My sh*t gon' hit like Steph open
My sh*t don't miss, my sh*t don't miss
Whole gang on this
n*gga ain't never dropped ball, I...
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