Churchill Downs Freestyle lyrics




The blood on the pavement creating Scarlett roads
Stories of my hardest flows
Circle's full of envy and broke n*ggas
Glad to say I'm no longer a part of those
n*ggas buy designer while the mother of their child will struggle to buy their daughter clothes
We ain't cut from the same fabric
They see what I'm sayin' like I'm rappin' closed caption
The n*ggas livin' with me be the ones that'll hold the casket, real
REAS' general
Nn*ggas 'round me ressourcеs, all my men minerals
Put my foot down, sh*t turned around, I call tha pivotal
Clout chasing pitiful
This wholе generation riding genitals
n*gga we been ducked off watchin', I been hard to impress
I been locked in, drinkin' water, partying less
That hunger bubbled back heavy, I been starving with less
Sit back and collect checks, we used to callin collect
Look, back against the wall, that ain't the only thing I'm up against
Steady losing brothership
Steady fighting traumas from the karma of my father, ghetto ways that he stuck me with
All these hunger pains I been stomaching
Pockets knotted up, I make a lot off of these city ties
Less mood swings since I stopped f*ckin' with Gemini's
Spot the value in a person, I can see the gem in eyes
Pain in a sinner's eyes
Minutes steady minimized
How I build a enterprise but I couldn't work at enterprise?
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