"Ignorant Freestyle! (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Suku]
b*tch I been fire since my name was Stuart
Kept the same style, my sh*t getting newer
Making these songs made my pockets turn bluer
That b*tch is fine, you know I’mma do her
Even though my sh*t’s getting trash though
I’mma put my di*k inside her ass though
Pop on a n*gga just like a flat tire
b*tch say she love me but she is a liar
b*tch you know Suku just made an empire
I’m doing the job, guess I’m not for hire
My name is Suku, spit sh*t like the pope
You gon’ listen twice, cause my sh*t is dope
Send me your song, you know it’s gon’ be tossed
I pass it over to my n*gga T-Lost

[Verse 2: T-Lost]
That song is trash, b*tch what is you doing
Stealing my sauce, so b*tch I am suing
T-Lost I’m the meme rap savior
Better be on your best behavior
You don’t speak GOAT, let me get my translator
Oh wait, you not human, you just a hater
T-Lost and Suku spit sh*t like an as*h*le
Got your girl wet like she is a tadpole
Send me your song, but b*tch I’ve heard plenty
I pass it over to my n*gga Trendy

[Verse 3: MrHeadA$$Trendy]
I’m in this b*tch with T-Lost and Suku
She say we dating, but wait, n*gga, who you
b*tches love me like a password to Hulu
I heard your music, bro, that sh*t is doo-doo
Don’t send me links, ‘cause it’s getting declined
n*gga test me, then that boy getting fined
b*tch, stop the talking, put di*k in behind
Need me some money, I’m ‘finna get signed
I don’t fight n*ggas, I pull out the blaster
You is the student, b*tch, Trendy the master
She sucking di*k and a n*gga ain’t ask her
They listen to me just like I am the pastor

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