El Hitta

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(UH) Got her calling me daddy
I feel like im papi
Im thinking bout running for mayor
And she know im getting paper
Thats why i be duckin and she wanna chew my eraser
If i knew you were hatin on me i woulda told my lil homie to do me a favor
If they see you gettin money they gon try to snake you
They trying to use all of ya data
How the f*ck you a shooter, if you was a shooter
Then you would be signed to the Lakers
Boy i heard you was telling, you was workin wit jakes so i guess ill be calling you jacob
Have you ever stood over a n*gga and see how the n*gga be lookin fa savior
All them haters they tryna get some of the kool-aid but dont even know whats the flavor
If you run up on Hitta, im telling you, im sending you to go holla at ya maker
And i feel like Da Baby so many bluefaces, I got me a new thotiana
And she love when i flex like im popeyes
Im in love wit her thighs popeyes
I be tweakin off X alot how can i talk to you
I know you see that my mouth dry
Like a leaf in the wind, b*tch we outside
Dissing me only makin ya clout rise
I can't go anywhere cuz them opp n*ggas thirsty they
Keep tryna get me arrested
I was smokin his homie when i was out riding
I caught me a case up in Texas
Just cause she be sucking on me alot dont mean me and that thottie be sexing, i be leaving these hoes on seen and thats crazy
Cuz she tryna leave ma a message
(grr grr)
I got her screaming sorry boy
Drillin is a hobby
Hotter than a Taki
If you wanna fight, flip em like a Hardy
Rollin off a molly
Not illuminati
Screaming at my b*tch, not that type of party
And im kinda c*cky
Hitta im the sh*t, where the f*ck the party
|?| and you not so you naughty
You feeling too jolly
You might get the shotty
In love wit them horses
Im |?| of Ferrari's

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