Slow Down lyrics


Allie X

If slow and steady wins the race
Then I should always win first place
My trouble's more with time than space
I prefer the prize above the chase
That being said, that's not the case

There are no flowers and ribbons in my vase
There is no fruit of labour at this pace
One can only handle so much
So I say we all slow down
'Cause we all could use a break
And take some time to lounge
In the city 'cause it's all too much
In the city and slow down, slow

I used to drink six cups a day
Of thе strongest coffee ever madе
And oh, the way mind would play

It whirled and spun, 8000 RPMs
My motor seized and in that moment then
I saw that I could stand a bit to slow down
I sure could use a break
Take some time to lounge and hoe down
It's a pity but I'm happier when in the city
I slow down, I slow down
I slow down, slow
I long to take some time off
And I long for peace and quiet
I long for soup on Sundays
And I long for movie nights

We all need more soup on Sundays
And we all need more movie nights
So let's take off some time together
And we'll all slow down
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