Dance ’til the End of Time lyrics


Allie X

It begins with a dark cloud above you and it's bound to pour
There are bad times knocking at your door
And when despair it takes a hold of you, you can't help but forget
That you won't find refuge in your TV set
You won't find refuge in a box of letters
You won't find refuge in the road but you might find it in the beat

So next time you get your heart run over or you're feeling down
Remember to turn up the stereo and put on your crown
'Cause this year's election is over
The results are in and it's time for the fun revolution to begin

There's nothing that they can do to stop us now
Put on your moonboots, your headband, your shades
And let's start this boogie out
We're in this together so don't let your neighbour down
Put on those tight red leather pants
And we'll bring this groove to town
And I promise we'll dance 'til the end of time

In my dreams, if we boogie we'll be just fine
Keep the beat at the forefront of your mind
And I promise we'll dance 'til the end of time
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