The Alchemist

"Wtf Freestyle (Ft. Sxtturn & Lil Lightblue)"

Wtf you said b*tch
Wtf you said b*tch (yuh)

Que mierda dijiste (hey)
Buscaste en tu pus*y
Mate a tu novio con mi uzi (deadxsouls) (hey)
Mi rebeldia quiere que te mate este dia, pero prefiero estar este dia
With my homies on my home, take pictures of your pus*y with my phone (hey)
Prefiero estar este dia with my homies on my home
Take pictures of your pus*y with my phone (hey)
Take pictures of your pus*y with my phone clone
On my homies in my home (yuh) (yuh)

Hey, taking drugs
Expensive belts
Go to hell
That gothic b*tch does it to me as a professional
Someday I'll do shows I feel like a God
Yeah, antes era ignorado ahora soy un rockstar
Esas perras góticas piden mucho más cash
Now I am with all my brothers
All these pills won't let me sleep, these b*tches don't know I'm that bad
They don't give a damn

Yeah, lil light-lil lightblue, lil-light-lil lightblue; b*tch, lil lightblue yeah
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