Coupé Top Down* lyrics


Polo G

Lyrics from Snapchat Story


I want a new coupé, top down
Blue tooth knock loud
Bands up, watch out
Fell in love with Glock sounds
Gun shoot, high rounds
Wildin' out, I'm hot now
From innocent to hostile
We with the sh*ts, my block wild (Uh, uh)

Pop out once the Glock out
Know we ain't had no cable
Lil' b*tch, I'm from the gutter and ride 'til [?]
I'll slide for my brothers, make it rain on 'em like April
Choices, we ain't have another
From the grave to the [?]
Opps died that was dissin' on the guys
That's why I'm disrespectful
I'm coolin' down, I know it's hot outside, I'll have my killers wet you
Choppas ride, can't be my demise, that's why I'm grippin' metal (I'ma ball on 'em)
And she can't gеt my time, ain't none of thesе b*tches special
Used to pray for better luck, now I'm full ridin' my credit up here
Know we ain't lettin' up, uh
Kill 'em all, you better duck, uh
Hard times can't pressure us, uh
Hit 'em once, [?]
Showtime, you gon' flex or what?
Ball on 'em, we [?]
I want a new Coupé, top down
Blue tooth knock loud
Bands up, watch out
Fell in love with Glock sounds
Gun shoot, high rounds
Wildin' out, I'm hot now
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