Polo G


W-where I come from, all them n*ggas be hatin’
They act like it hurts to say congratulations
Gon’ keep my distance from all of you n*ggas
‘Cause sh*t way to real, ain’t got time to be fakin’
‘Fore I start rappin’, was just [?]
Wouldn’t give me respect so I had to go take it
They like “Lil’ Polo keep killin’ them beats” and I have to plead guilty to them allegations
I’m-I’m dead, I’m gone, I lay in my casket, just put on my headstone that "He Was The Greatest"
When I pop out, I be lookin' like money, you would think me and that guap is related
I picked the school of hard knocks over college, gon' T up with foenem at my graduation
I'm a success like I said I was gon' be, I hope that they give me a standin' ovation
sh*t that I drew up, it cannot be copied but I know you n*ggas gon' still try and trace it
[?] stay on track, I'm abstracted by struggles, so when I f*cked up, it be back to the basics
Run that sh*t up, tell them people, "Come get me with cuffs on my wrist" lookin' mad in that station
I'm grindin' hard just to get out the gutter, I'm tryna take off, ain't got time to be patient
Please do not play with me, 'cause I really [?], you dont wan' me in the cut waitin'
f*ck all that rara sh*t, 'cause lil [?] but I won't speak on that situation
Out in that field like an offensive lineman, totin' a [?] gon' f*ck up your linin'

{Will do more later}

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