Polo G


[Chorus: Lil Baby]
I put my heart on my shoulder
I gotta watch out for clowns
They wasn't holding me down
I put the pain in my collar
Mix it then I drank it down
They wasn’t holding me down

[Hook: POLO G]
No they wasn't holding me down (yeah)
Ain't nobody was around (yeah yeah)
No they wasn’t holding me down (yeah yeah)
Ain't nobody was around
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1: thesadboi]
What year is this
Firing and shooting I'm really so p*ssed
Don't worry b*tch I got a huge list
Black lives matter please understand this
From wars to deadly diseases
Honestly my heart just freezes
Rest In Peace to whoever diеd
I trust God I pray hope you guide
They black so what
Wе all are the same you nasty ass sl*ts
Don't talk sh*t I'll keep your mouth shut
Stop spraying people I'll kick you in the nuts
f*cking animals and trees
What happened to humanity they used to be
Flying away like a chill breeze
Raping and stuff stop that please
We need them to live
Not to kill I feel so sick
Ripping skin off on camps
Just cuz of a religion you guys are vamps
What can you do now
We gon raise our voices always loud
Trump shut the f*ck up you're disallowed
Pushing me up that’s a big foul
I was let down so many times
Crying at nights thinking bout my life
Everyone be strong we all gon win
f*ck em all they be doing a sin
Learned from all my mistakes
You guys should to but you won’t p*sstake
I'm sorry for everything I have done
Nah b*tch you thinking this for fun yeah
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