My All (Trance) lyrics


Polo G

Lyrics from Snippet

Love could have you in a trance you need to desperately wake up from
When it was time to dance, could always count on you to be my plus one
High on cloud nine from stomach butterflies, it's when that rush come
I gave that ungrateful b*tch my all, that wasn't enough, huh?
No, I swear these hoes, you can't trust them
Baby, I don't want relations, I'm just tryna f*ck some
I'm just tryna drop a hit and make the club jump
But I hate that I was too deep in, so young
I done spent two-thirty on a brand new Richard Millie
I been turnt up, I'm the youngest and the richest in my city
All on Twitter, on my di*k because that b*tch can't gеt up with me
This rapper lifestylе lit, called it a quits and now she sh*tty, uh
In my bag, not in my feelings, do I miss it? No, not really
And I know these n*ggas envy so I'm clutchin' on my semi
With my goon squad, and we won't catch a temp so please don't tempt me
Glock gon' do its job and bro gon' blow that...
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