New Glizzy lyrics


Polo G

[Lyrics from snippet]

[Intro: Scorey]
New Glizzy, uh

[Verse 1: Polo G]
Break bread we sharin' meals
Wanna see how Paris feel
No, we don't spare him, kill
Go 'round like Ferris wheels
Snipers scoring in the clutch like Bradley Beal
And they kept saying they would change but they was making excuses
Using my heart wrong I believe them sh*t making me stupid
...spit in my air, tryna escape this recruitment

[Chorus: Scorey]
Wake up to palm trees, came up from dark days
Stay wit' the bad guys and we skip class in the hallways
Gave 'em my love, she tried to play me like an arcade sh*t
I got a new blick with a red dot....
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