Untitled (Yvng Foreign) lyrics


Polo G

Uh, uh

Had fatties up in DM, Every b*tch up in the city
From A.M. to the P.M. we was posted with them Semies
On that car, shoot this b*tch until it's empty, like
If you want free smoke we got plenty
Know a demon that was heartless, how you heard about Lil' Timmy?
Number of gases in my bloodline, this killer sh*t just hit me
'45 in a baby, 40 call him Shack and Penny
Know some bounty hunters that catch a boy for attorney, uh
That n*gga stressin' 'bout that b*tch, so she a real hoe
The fact that n*ggas still breathing' 'bout their real goal
They turn back, going to a trail long, let smoke
It's other shorties had him laid, he get a hood
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