Challenges lyrics


Polo G

Uh Uh

Call up the plug just to help me with my challenges
Keep tryna fight off all this depression that I'm battling
Stressing while I'm dreaming, I keep getting sleep paralysis
G.O.A.T.-ed like I'm Pac, go from a gangster to an activist
All this medication, sh*t might leave me on dialysis
Keep my hand firm on this grip, this how we handle sh*t
Got me sipping D'USSE, it hurt to see them candles lit
Screaming, "f*ck the system, " swear I'm missin' all my savages
I was brought up on that block but I hopped off the porch late
You would think it's basketball season all these court dates
V12 engine, push-to-start, make the floors shake
Hit bad b*tches in my top tеn like a sports play

[Open Verse]
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