"Saturday (Feelings)"


He get all my feelings
He stole all my loving for sure
If you wanna love me
You better find him

[Verse 1]
Built a six feet wall around me
No one in this world could love me
If you wanna change that find him
Put him on a cross and ask him
House too open
He just left for mints, uh
Swore too deep and can't handle the strings, yeah


[Verse 2]
Took you to my shrine - pitch stuck
All the kind knows down - knows part
Sweetness, that fool
Can't be into you
Your love is new - my heart breaks
Losing faith - my life mistake
Save me, be prey for me...
Save me, be prey for me!


He feels my feelings
(bang x5)
He feels my heart
(bang x5)
He gives my feelings
(bang x5)
He shot my heart
(bang x5)


[Instrumental Outro]

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