Prayer lyrics


​lil skele

I want to feel you as you climb underneath
I can't move, it's like I'm stuck to the sheets
Oh, it's so bad
You say it [?]
I just want to see you back

And hope I'm immature
You're the reason I'm so f*cked
You really speak the words
Thanks to me, sh*t that I didn't deserve

(You won)
(I'll take it off for you)
(Just tell me what to do)

Just tryna lay 'til I break
My baby pulled me through the worst (so, so, so)
So throw that swing around, hurts
I hope you know I'm [?]

Black dress, pretty for me (for me)
If I'm asleep, would you adore me? (Adore me)
If I was home with you, hold me (hold me)
I could've sworn you insult me (me, oh)

I f*cking swear I'm not backwards now
Figured out what's left of me
I'm shaking, can you pull me down?
I'll hold it out
Put some water over my head and I
Will I be saved?
If I'm brave enough, I'll do it for much
(Say a prayer for me)

Say a prayer for me
Stop staring [?]
Write it on my knees
Take it off for me
Hope [?]
Baby, [?] please

(Say a prayer for me)
(Stop staring [?])
(Write it on my knees)
(Take if off for me)
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