Yasiin Bey


[Verse: Yasiin Bey A.K.A. Mos Def]
Malcolm X and Marley Marl
The word of God, the works of art
Portraits of the brain and other unexplained phenomenon
Shut down Babylon, smash all automaton
Feel the beat, got 'em feeling geeked like it's Comic-con
Far from the hardy-har, more like a Tomahawk
Rocket launch, Ali right cross knock they choppers off
Boomayay Baba Bey, fresh not from the concentrate
Looking very sharp today, thank you don a Danke Schoen
Craft working more than German engineering
And buddha frequency that don't adhere to interference
Flashes of the spirit, seekers in thе clearing
Say the tongue is thе mirror of the heart so mirror mirror
Look, in that window is a freedom fighter's grandson
Fixed up, looking sharp, automatic handgun
Look, parade, caravan
Diplomate, degenerate
Messiah, pariah, the leader of the syndicate
Peace treaty written in, loophole penmanship
Same row, two sides, palaces and tenements
Dispossessed native tounge, noble open lonely heart
Peel apart, come together, come together
Peel apart, come together
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