[Intro: Texako & KA$HDAMI]
Yeah, like, like, you already know KA$HDAMI with RCA, RCA Records, I mean
Kinda cheap, um, but like, yeah
Like, tryna tell n*ggas
And there's nothing wrong with that too, it's nothing wrong with being backed by a company
I'm just tryna let people know, because, um
It's not really what it seems to be
But like, I try to tell people, uh (Fah), you know I try to put
I try to put everybody on game because I mean (Fah, beep, gang)

[Verse 1]
n*gga, it ain't what it seem to be
Really just sound like you ain't even believe in me
n*gga, I blew up without a team, you like 26, n*gga, I'm 16
I'm livin' my dream, you could've been on the team
But you just want the clout, we can tell you a fiend
n*gga, you a whole meme, tried to hop on my song and got left on seen
And I ain't signed to RCA, dumbass n*gga, I'm signed to Republic
You playin' with my name, I might have to up it
Your clout ran down, now you causin' a ruckus
I might hit up Keeks and then ask her to suck it
First of all, I blew up three times without no deal
You been at the same level for a year, I wonder how that feel
Now I'm pretty sure you don't even do no drills, lil' n*gga
I still got men in the field, lil' n*gga
My bad, I mean big-ass n*gga
Ne-ne-need some Carmex on yo' lip ass n*gga
Go on Instagram just to diss ass n*gga
Can't see yo' di*k when you p*ss ass n*gga
Barely could fit in yo' whip ass n*gga
Might do a open for some chips ass n*gga
I'm not the type of n*gga to romance
I pull the—
That sh*t is f*ckin' trash dawg, get the f*ck off the airwaves

[Verse 2]
But yeah, I'ma talk my sh*t
That big-ass n*gga on Live keep runnin' his lips
And the truth is I did all this sh*t by myself and this n*gga been stuck in the same spot for a brick
Lame-ass n*gga actin' like my friend, bet you get sick when you see me win
After this sh*t, don't hit me up again (Could see you was fake, had to switch up my lens)

b*tch-ass n*gga
Wanna go on Instagram to motherf*ckin' diss ass n*gga
Ain't hit a lick ass n*gga
In the need of a Fitbit ass n*gga
Fah, gang
Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm lovin' it!
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