10 toes lyrics



Glah glah boom n*gga
Suck my di*k n*gga
sh*t fanned out i love it
Glah glah glah glah
Ayo eli wtf

Justo Gustoo

Drop the loc where you at
We tryna turn a n*gga to a pack
Headshot gang bullets went in his back
Brodie got knocked but ain't finna get shh
So you know how i get
He got poked and his mans got hit
Everything im smoking on,you can be next speaking on jay rip
Got the chop got the shot for who ever
Only my brother we flockin together
Spinin blocks spinnin blocks with beretta
Can't back out so i flock out the sweater
f*ck all the dissin this sh*t got me fed up
Poppin perks lil bro keep your head up
Opps gettin broke tell em gеt they bread up

Nixk b

So i start so i start like this еverything dead n*gga suck my di*k
f*ck rah he dead in spliff
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