Way Too Much Interlude lyrics



Ain't nothing what it's 'posed to be
But everything silver
I been contemplating takin' drugs for the mental
I been situating all the dogs in the kennel
Got way too much love for them, way too much love for me
Why would I starve for them if they never starved with me
Why would I break off the M's, he jump out the car for me
He ready to war for me
(Hmm-hmm, hmm)
Wish I never had to tell my mama I can't
You could see the view from all pictures of pain
Show you a thing or two 'bout the money to make
Ayy, [?]
If you ain't feed the wolves then they gon' fetch 'em a plate
f*ck if we go through it, tat' this sh*t to the face
Wish I brought lil' woa', we tryna get through a case
Long live little brodie, [?] tryna finish the race
Money on they mind and ain't no minimum wage
And this sh*t never mean a thing if my akhis ain't with me
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