"What You Gonna Do?"

The mic on?
Mic check, mic check
This isn’t like anything you’ve heard before
It’s a little different this time around

[Verse 1] [MC Chic]
Never gets easy to be the one to open up
Cause I feel like I’m obligated to show that I’m old enough
To bury my issues, never pour ‘em cause I’m closed and
I should know when I’m overflowing like a loaded soda cup
Even if I’m human I can take that much more
But there’s days when I can’t even get past one door
Then I wait, to recuperate and to put away
All the problems that I face just to catch some snores
But then you wake up, unable to fight every single demon that
Takes up, the place in your mind you thinking to keep a bit
Sane but, the pain is too high to go sweep it beneath the
Same rug, that you kept hiding your feelings within, and the day comes
Where you feel like it’s all against you
But that’s the moment that was made to come up and test you
Do you let it win, or would you fight until it left you?
We’ve done it before, C and Enkay - rescue

[Bridge] [MC Chic]
Everybody has that moment when they find out
That they have a weakness (Weakness)
But standing your ground when you’ve got nothing to stand on
Is how you’re going to have to beat this (Beat this)
What you gonna do? (What you gonna do?)
What’s it gonna be? (What’s it gonna be?)
Life isn’t about how many times you fell
But all the times that you got to your feet (To your feet)
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