Its such a cruel world
For all the boys and girls
And its so tragic

This life of madness

Its such a cruel world
For all the boys and girls
And its so tragic
This life of madness

Hopelessly devoted to the ones who have fallen
Socially disconnected so we never use our callings
Projecting all our feelings
Yet neglect to try to change
And don't do a thing but try to take away the pain
And watch the world the burns
Yet were the ones setting matches
Never actually learn just casually walking past it
Never to think to mention and nothin catches our attention
Till they take our sons and daughters far away in a casket

Were taught how to slaughter
Were not born out of hate
Were just forced to serve another in a calculated way
Why do we go against nature
Why do we trust what man made
Praise it as goes up then run away as it caves
And if its plastered on the news
Everybody's here to stay
I guess were complicated humans who were raised that way
sh*t that must be it
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