Kam Michael

"Us and the moon"

[Hook: Mia Smith]
Who do you think of when it's just you and the moon
When the light from the stars fades into your room

[Verse 1: Kam Michael]
The way that you're looking I'm feeling alright. We can take off and then vibe through the night. Know it's love at first sight. I'm stuck in my head and I need some help, get me out of my mind. You're one of a kind. Got me relaxed. I said I won't fall but I'm boutta relapse. Not gonna lie yeah I'm getting attached. Out of this club we can sneak through the back
We can talk 'till the sunrise
Take sips get lost in your brown eyes
I don't want it all to end, no you're too fine
Swear to god you were found in a gold mine
Follow my lead, i'ma give you the moon
Or we can leave and go hide in the room
Lay in the bed and get into the mood
Swear I'm in love with the way that you move

[Hook: Mia Smith]
Who do you think of when it's just you and the moon
When the light from the stars fades into your room

[Verse 2: Rxseboy]
We taking off while my heart racing
If i look in your eyes, i'd be star gazing
We could go travel to mars faded
Getting caught, zero gravity car chases
Nah i'm playing, but trust me, its real and I feel it
Drop all the drama, one knee, i be kneeling
I want you for life, you stuck in my sight
I'll say my vows while i make you my wife
Slow down, can we hold up for a minute
You a bad chick, put some roses on the linen
Say you bout this, okay me too, lemme get it
Now it's midnight, kinda wanna see the aesthetic
I don't want nothing that's basic
I just want love with some patience
I hope you get what I’m saying
Maybe we'll take a vacation
And fly off inside of my spaceship

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