116 Poax Productions: Lil Salad

"Daddy's Boy (ADITIO Diss)"

[Producer Tag: Lil Salad]

[Verse: Lil Salad (D-Lo116)]
I don’t know what sh*t you spoutin’ bout me to your squad
Pedophile, puppy lover at least I’m not a f*cking fraud
Where’s that drake feature tho?
Did he pull out from the track
Means a lot cause you know he doesn’t pull out till it’s packed
*Baby Cries*

And while we’re on that fact, where’s your rabbit at?
Did he run away again or did your parents have a snack?
Either way I won’t be there next time to help you get him back
But who’s gonna care about your pet if you go crash another Cadillac
Bro you started sh*t I can’t excuse
Is it ADITIO or t-series?
Either way you always lose
Now let’s review your year
Soccer, missed every single shot
Even the open goal to win our finals match you tripped and flopped

I’ll be fourth year of uni with you b*tch up in my kitchen
While you’re at you parents house, daddy payin’ for tuition
Got you daddy paying for your cars, prolly for your bars
Higher than a kite, everyday your seeing stars

Took the crown from Tachala, b*tch I’m the f*ckin' king
I grew up on the street you sleep in linen sheets
Daddy’s boy would die out on is own faster than I beat my meat
Called me gassed, never irl, you scared you grind your teeth

I click on the pic and I’m gone
I get all my money no fraud
sh*t ain’t the same when ur gone
“U better work on”
n*gga you suckin' some di*k?
Or did you pour some purple to chug
Pssh, prolly both right?
One hand to drink one hand to tug

U rock Supreme but can’t get Suprea
Can’t fight for sh*t ur get f*cked just like Mia
Get no play, stick to "Cheap Thrills" just like Sia
All you do rhyme, can’t make an onomatopoeia
Styll kissed her on the cheek tho

Now let’s talk about your ego, bro it’s bigger than my di*k
You run around like you’re best and then turn around quit
Like “Yo guys I’m done with music, so don’t try to change my mind”
"Aye everyone new album coming out, pre that sh*t I’m on that grind" (Get the f*ck outta here)

Come on n*gga, I know your plays
You say your ghostin’ on IG, then you’re back in a couple days ("Three Days Later")
And it’s sad bro, so this time listen when I say-
No matter what you choose, nobody f*cking cares either way

And I know it’s tough, to have live with the fact That Virgil’s got more clout, than Mr. “Strap In The Back”
You rap about movin' bricks, gettin' chicks, leavin’ clicks
Say you’re circles getting smaller, you’re just turning into a di*k

[Outro: Lil Salad (Mr. Walia)]
Ya you like that
Next time you try to talk sh*t you don’t do it in a diss track or tell your friends but you actually talk to me face to face
You don’t even make your own and you call yourself a f*cking producer
Bro I made this sh*t by myself
But what can I expect from someone who even Mr. Wallia called mentally retarded
Now that sh*ts f*cked
Cut it

[Producer Tag: D-Lo116]

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