116 Poax Productions: Lil Salad

"RichhFukkerrr (ADITIO Diss)"

Ah beat switch man
This the ADITIO Diss
Lil Salad beat you know

Can't fight for sh*t
Watch you sit n take the hit
Lil Salad gotta dat one swing knock out
Why you call him to talk sh*t
Tennis-ball in us ass
Ain’t smokin' gas you smokin' grass
Rap bout Flex but you ain’t did the digital dash

U rock Supreme but can't get Suprea
Can't fight for sh*t you get f*cked just like Mia
Get no play, stick to "Cheap Thrills" just like Sia
All you do rhyme, can't make an onomatopoeia

And if you eat a n*ggas ass then you better brush your teeth
b*tch I ain't like ADITIO, I will never be beat
And you said pus*y taste like strawberries
Lactose intolerant means can't eat dairy
Why you gay yo you like fairy
No gorilla glue but the gas flavored berry

Ur a f*ckin' pus*y you eat ass with a spoon
b*tch ur so fat like Cartman ur the Coon
b*tch imma muff*ckin' splinter
Beg for b*tches you in Tinder
I don know what I’m sayin’ just rappin' fun n games
Imma beast and I can’t be tamed

Beef with Virgil
Slow as a turtle
I be sippin' on that purple
U roll like gerbil
Smokin' on da herbal
Pants up just like Urcle
Dropin' brodys for no reason
Cut em off small circle

You made No Flex then made Flex
Hypocrite ain’t up next
And you were scared bout this battle
Why you wan drop it all so fast

Private school you buy ur grades
Lil Salad got dat little blade
Now u got it lil RichhFukkerrr
Suprea got u man she played

Nah man I ain't talking cap but, there's rumors you know
Whether they're true or false you know
Kesh f*cked his dog, f*cked a 12 year old
ADI got played by Suprea
Man, true or not
All jokes all fun man
All jokes no beef

[Producer Tag: D-Lo116]

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