Royal & the Serpent

"Overwhelmed (Marky Style Remix)"

[Verse 1: Mothica]
Turn off the TV (Turn off the news)
My ears are bleeding (I can't hear you)
What am I feeling? (I'm feeling blue)
Can't look at the ceiling
It's like I'm overheating

[Pre-Chorus: Mothica]
This mind isn't mine
Who am I to judge?
Oh, I should be fine
But it's all too much

[Chorus: Mothica]
I get overwhelmed-whelmed-whelmed-whelmed-whelmed
Anxiety creeps-creeps-creeps-creeps-creeps-creeps
Hard to breathe
What's, what's, what's, what's, what's, what's
Somebody else
I get overwhelmed-whelmed-whelmed-whеlmed-whelmed
Anxiеty creeps-creeps-creeps-creeps
When I try to speak
What's, what's, what's, what's
Feels like I'm somebody else
I get overwhelmed
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