Louis Prima

"Boney Bones"

Boney Bones is what they called my sweetheart
Boney Bones, my darling she was called
Boney Bones, because she had no meat on
Boney Bones, was the only name she owned

Now one night while I was courtin' Boney
Some rustling outlaws we did see
That's when Boney jumped upon her pony
And scared those rustlers from the territory

Boney Bones now became a hero
Boney Bones, the hero of the town
Boney Bones, the girl who had not meat on
Boney Bones, the bravest girl around

Now the mayor of the city then decided
That he'd declare a holiday
He told the people they were all invited
To make that day a place so joyous and gay

Now the night before the celebration
A very light wind did hit the town
In the morning with all the ruination
Boney Bones was nowhere to be found

"Boney Bones!" I kept on calling
"Boney Bones, where can you be?"
Boney Bones, she had meat on
"Boney Bones, come back to me!"

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