White Mustang lyrics


Lana Del Rey

[Verse 1]
Packin' all my things for the summer
Lyin’ in my bed, it's a bummer
'Cause you didn’t call
But I liked you a lot
Slippin' on my dress in soft filters
Everybody said you are the killer
But I couldn't stop the way
I was feelin' that night you dropped me off

Saw your white Mustang slip away
Saw your white Mustang
And you were movin' on and on

[Verse 2]
Caught up in my dreams and forgettin'
I keep acting like Armageddon 'cause
I held you in my arms just a little too tight
Is that what you thought?

Summer's meant for lovin’ and leavin’
I'm a fool and it’s time for me to change
Gone with his white Mustang (White Mustang)
(White Mustang) It's almost frighting
(White Mustang) They always hit me like lightning
(White Mustang) And then go on

[Verse 3]
That girl with thе bow-tied side looker got high
Had to tеll you a lie of what I thought
You said you'd be on my side
You were just another schoolboy, but then, I was a liar
Just what you thought
Did you hold me just a little too tight?
What were the tears in your eyes?
Just what you thought was a lie

Summer's meant for lovin’ and leavin'
He's the fool, I'm the fool, it's time for me to change
He'll keep calm with his white Mustang (White Mustang)

(White Mustang) It's gonna be exciting
(White Mustang) I'm gonna hit him hard like lightning
(White Mustang) And I'll be gone

White Mustang
White Mustang
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