"If I"

If I said I loved you what would you say to me
If I said I trust you would you fall with me
If I want to be down, would you take a chance with me
‘cause I’ve been thinking about, all the things you said to me
Baby we just meant to be
Swear my ex is dead to me
Baby thrown your heart on me
If I hurt you sorry
‘cause your love just scarred me
You going back I trust you
They worried about what I do
Don’t know what I’ve been through
Just know that I love you
Don’t worry I got you
It’s all love when I saw you
Just know that I love you
Tell me if you need me, you know I got your back
Call me up I’ll tell you I’ll be right there
Shawty got my heart and I wish that she was right here
I just got my pass so I bought my girl that (?)
I know how she feel and I feel I waste nothing

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