Shoujo Ramune lyrics



[Hook: Slxrppy]
I got kids in my van like Shoujo Ramune
If I see a little kid I'm 'bout to have a field day
Sis riding on my di*k like it's a f*cking sleigh
Bbc in my guts but I swear I'm not gay
My uncle f*cked my ass now it's starting to bleed
Kids in my van and they not getting freed
When my dad home I always be on my knees
I'll kill that b*tch if she tries to call the police
Yeah me and Xetonyl got drugs and fat c*cks
High as f*ck yeah we smoking on rocks
Can't get a b*tch I just nut in my socks
I still pick up hoes when I'm at the candy shop
Pull up to the church bout to unload a clip
Like Hannah Baker I be cutting my wrist
Picking up all these kids now I'm on a watchlist
Lolis are so hot I can't resist

[Verse 1: Slxrppy]
Make a b*tch pass out like my name was Bill
Blade on my hip like Akame Ga Kill
I bе pulling kids I call that sh*t a skill
My uncle be f*cking me against my will
Autistic cousin slurping c*m 'causе I told her it's eggnog
If I get horny it's time to f*ck my dog
Touch one of us we'll smoke you like a bong
Don't use a condom I'll just take it raw
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