In Living Color

"Am I Black or White?"

I made a million by the time I was 10
I wrote a love song to a rat named Ben
And then I got a nose job and changed my chin
And made my skin light
Look me in the face and tell me if you think I'm black or white

I’m still a virgin and I'm 33
Even Madonna won't have sex with me
I play with little animals and hang out with Macaulay all night
And if that’s not strange enough, I don't know whether I'm black or white

Am I black or white? Tell me (we don't know)
Black or white? I don't know
If I'm black or white. Tell me

(dance and destruction break)

(Spoken outro)
Officer, maybe you can tell me. Am I black or white?

You're under arrest

What? I guess I am black

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