Cologne lyrics


Rome Streetz

[Verse 1: Skunkz]
Hey yo
The sound you’re hearing from the gods break down cigars
Scrape the sauce, the cast pile the size of quasars
Create large cake jars and make bake stars
Relate bars, for sh*t in the street
I make hits then I sleep
I’m sick, some sh*t you can’t visit for weeks
The spliff and the leaf got me acting like kids in a tree
Was down bad then I had to get up off my ass and smile fast
A wild past but you know my style last so pile cash
I take the bowl and then I shake it to a money knot
My days was grey but hey I made my way all through them sunny blocks
I used to bunny hop but now we rock drums with Glocks
n*ggas hate but wasn’t food on my dinner plate
I hit the state and skate with ice like a figure eight
A skunk swimming in a bigger lake
b*tch you know my circle

[Verse 2: [?]]
You feel my ambiance
You know the move when God speak
n*ggas out here running in circles I move at God’s speed
Artist, paint strokes give you a perfect picture
This rated real so it’s only for a certain n*gga
You know the hustlers, n*ggas that beat the sunup
And work ‘til the sky turn black then count the sum up
Stay on their P’s and Q’s to have one-up
So look through the eye of the storm to see my come up
I risked it all, hard to turn back, my back’s against the wall
Barely got a shoe in the door, the other shoe to fall
Two to fall is what they offered to the first-timers
I learned life listening to old timers
That’s real
[Verse 3: Reef Hustle]
Stab real
Reef Hustle, the reef hustler
The street toucher, the weed bumper
Keep it fun, keep the gun underneath [?] muffler
The gang trust her
She wanted fam, a hundred grams that’s every ten minutes
Kicks is vintage and them boogers dance
BM driver, DM finder
A bad b*tch cause n*ggas mad they ain’t got to rhyme with an iller lineup
A thousand words camera solo no assassin polo
The only jumpman I stamp son is the Pun logo
The Bronx bomber, some real energy now f*ck your karma
I’m the truest, real influenced n*gga f*ck [?]
The Kingsbridge spitta, get rid of these wack n*ggas
No felon, you keep it no telling, stay away from these rap n*ggas

[Verse 4: [?]]
Hey yo
Feel like I’m desensitized I seen a lot of sh*t
[?] I commit to put dollars inside my fists (Do he?)
Snakes ain’t just in my cellar they live in my midst (I see them)
See them n*ggas try to befriend me, smile and politic (f*ck outta here)
But I’m a different breed, up my sleeves got a lot of tricks (Uh-huh)
Know Imma get mine by any means, I’m an optimist
Been a god sh*tting on top of this metropolis
Street scholar I could teach colleges
If you look deep inside my mind you’ll see smoke from a lot of piff
Rhymes, money scams, finesses and ghetto hieroglyphs
Been a big dog, you a microchip
I get love all across the board, you flop cause they don’t like your sh*t
(f*ck n*gga)
[Verse 5: Vic Spencer]
I’m like Clive Drexler in a Tesla (Fancy)
No matter the weather I [?] like pleather
Weak n*ggas, defeat n*ggas, while smoking three Swishers (Smoking)
How the f*ck y’all gon’ beat Victor?
Your rhymes lighter than some flea-flickers
You snort sand from the beach n*gga
How you wanna get slummed, from the hand or the feet n*gga
I’m with the super legend in a coupe with a beverage
Smoking with the youth in a session
They say I’m an ill n*gga like Nas
And they don’t know that I rap chip on my shoulder with scars
I hold the weed hostage
I hug the tree until I bleed gardens
I’m overseas while I greet Martians (What up)
Spicy turkey chili with pineapple chunks
Uh, Imma aet regardless

[Verse 5: [?]]
The words melting in the page
Celtic with the fades energy pressing through the days
Know she felt it through the [?]
The images engraved
Know they switch up like a blade
Gotta [?] to sustain
Distant visits through the pain
There’s no limits to the brain
Take one minute to refrain
[?] digits in the rain
Quantum drift to a different lane
This a different world but the shift the same
She started to strip soon as she hit the ‘caine
n*ggas sleep and let ‘em keep the fame
They stole my phone I fell asleep on the train
Easy stain, blood squeaky and drained
[?] see me again
[Verse 6: [?]]
Still selling raw got drugs in the car
Three or four broads with some razors in their jaw
There’s really nothing, steaks on deck
We gon’ steam you like a dumpling, the trap jumping
Trampoline in the coffin, shooters heat you up
While I eat a McMuffin
I’m King Joffrey
Catching stunts with the posse, undertaker for the paper
Got a shovel for the haters, tombstone and it’s [?]
Penny out the bottle I bet on myself
I ain’t never play the lotto
Plug named Carlos
Duffel bag of Well’s Fargo bubble like soda
My b*tch in a thong and she watching Law & Order
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