"Envy Me"

Now I lay me down to sleep (Now I lay me down to sleep), ayy
I pray the Lord my soul to keep (I pray the Lord my soul to keep), yeah, ayy

Like a locksmith, I got the keys (Like a locksmith, I got the keys), yeah, ayy
Pull up, make opp n*ggas bleed (Pull up, make opp n*ggas bleed), yeah, ayy
I got water like overseas, yeah, ayy (Overseas)
b*tch, I ball like NBA (b*tch, I ball like NBA), yeah, ayy
b*tch, I ball like MVP (b*tch, I ball like MVP), yeah, ayy
I got money, they envy me (I got money, they envy me)

I'm with the gang, I'm with the mob, what was you thinkin'?
Remember them days, and that sh*t was hard, a n*gga been thinkin' (Yeah)
I put a four in a twenty ounce, a n*gga been drinkin' (Yeah)
If you with the squad, I give you my heart, lil' n*gga, I mean it (Yeah)
I was fighting some demons, in the field, b*tch, I'm deep in (Deep in)
I was raised in the deep end (Deep end), I know n*ggas be sinkin' (Sinkin')
Take your b*tch and go deep in, but I gave her back, why you tweakin'? (Tweakin')
Come around with that rah-rah, we leave you dead on the cement (On the cement)
With the gang, we ain't playing fair
Matter fact, we don't play at all
OG 'Woods in the air
But we bought the Runtz so we smoke it all
Putting on a front, boy, you better fall
We gon' kill 'em dead, we gon' kill 'em all
Might spend a ten when I'm in the mall
I was on the bend with it in my drawers
Hit that smoke and I'm blackin' (Blackin')
Hit that smoke and I black out
If he run, blow his back down
I was gone but I'm back now
These n*ggas gon' fold, but I never back down

In the school, I was trappin' (Trappin')
In the school, you was class clown (Class clown)

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