Crypt (Rap)

"Poppin’ Cypher"

[Intro: Crypt]
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become

[Verse 1: OfficiallyLeo]
Leo came in to demolish the scene, we're waiting for better days
Leo came in and he's acting all cheeky, 'cause this is the break away
Yeah, they hate, he lip syncs and he's fake and trash allegedly
But soon, you'll be a fan if you like it or not, 'cause I'll take over eventually
Leo been coming in crazy, ready to bring up the tensity
Youngest to do it, I'm flowing like fluids, I stretch opportunities flexibly
Everybody really wanna pick up independently and prosper properly just like I did, so
Inspirational, motivational, Leo on the beat, so sensational
I don't play at all, look at my actions, look at my work, I don't have to say it all
Going up vertical, and my bars are so lyrically surgical, very unmerciful
What I did is so irreversible, keep to myself, so incontrovertible
Put myself in the game, 'cause I'm very submersible (Very submersible, yeah, yeah)
All of my people are winning and grinning, all of us grateful, none of us sinning
I kept it lowkey, look how I'm kicking it so low
Leo been doing it solo, everyone knows I'm a G like I'm polo
That's how it is, representing for my mum and I'm making her proud
Might drip her in coco
I'm on the beat, go loco
Outrap me? No go
Stand up tall, rep for my country
Shoutout my family, bro knows
I move on my own, with my own toes
Shoutout my family, shoutout my people that been with me from day though, yeah
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