Wifey* lyrics


Rubi Rose

Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
(On the gang)

My sh*t Cartier with baguettes, that's a bet (Bet)
Bought the new crib for the tax, not to flex (Flex)
I don't need his money but I'll take it to invest (Yeah)
Want a bad b*tch? Gotta say it with your chest (Ha, ha, ha)
Talk to me nicely
I just spent a quarter-million dollars on a ice piece (Ice)
I just turned a eight figure n*gga to a hypebeast (Tough)
"Rubi a ho," that's cap, b*tch, I'm wifey
Second thought, b*tch, I might be
Turn a n*gga life to a movie like I'm Spike Lee
I ain't tryna hear none of that (None of that)
If he tеll me "No" again, I ain't comin' back (b*tch)
Jacque Marie on my facе, it's like run to that (Ayy)
Whole squad in this b*tch, I'm the running back (Yeah)
Hut one, hut two, hut three
I just touched down (Yeah) with a hunnid on me
Watch me work (Woah, yeah)
Watch me work, watch me work, yeah
Watch me work (Work), watch me work (Work)
Watch me work that (Work)
Watch me turn around and twerk that
Hurt back…
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