"My Queen K."

Brr bang bang bang
Bang bang bang bang bang
It's 2’izzy
Resp: I make it
Resp: I make it
Resp: I make it easy

[Verse 1]
All I ever want is to love you
Kiss you, hold you, touch you
Feel you, anytime I really need to
Really have to
Anytime I really want to

Love you
Even when it hurts me
Hold you
Even when it burns me

Jump in a pool for you
Out of a plane for you
You know I'll die for you
Ride or die for you!

My Number lady
This is for Kathleen my baby
Resp: Kathleen my baby

The second part of me
Your my inner me
My heart, my Queen
My soul o

Another me
Not my enemy
So allow me
Allow me (x2)

Allow me to kiss your hand
Allow me to be your man
I Say I will
Resp: I will
Say . I do
Resp: I do

'Allow me to kiss your hand’
'Be your man'

'Allow me to kiss your hand'
'Be your man'
'Be the one’

[Verse 2 - Bamtee]
Eeh eeh eeeh
Go slow for me!
Wine slow for me
Ibi to ba won e ko
[if i give you African beads follow me, shake!]
Jo si iwo loni jo [now dance with me my baby]
Oya ta ko to oo [now follow 1, 2]
Resp: ta ko to oo [2’izzy]
Ju ko to eee [now stop and continue]
Mo ni ta ko to oo [mummy, keep dancing for me]
Yeah e yeah aye Ju ko to [now stop and continue]

[Verse 2]
Just her lips on my lips
We share a little kiss
Hold her hips
Smile pon her cheek [smile on her cheek]

She likes it, she's smiling
She wants the boy
Don’t be lying

Me no tell no lie [I can't lie, o I don't lie]
Me no tell no lie [I can't lie, o I don’t lie]
Me no tell no lie [I can't lie, o I don't lie]

Me can't deny!

[Verse 4 - Bamtee]
I go dance for u my baby
[I will dance for you, my baby]
Anything you want my baby
If na for your love [If it's for your love]
I go injure [I could hurt anyone, that comes between us]

Sisi Carolina [My lady, my source of joy and happiness]
Ele yin ju ege [What more can I do to show you]
Mi oo ee [Please tell me]

She no dey make up [She doesn't need make up to be beautiful]
And she like a fine doll [she's like a barbie doll, perfection!]
Oya pareke fun (x2) [okay, come and scatter everywhere]

Baby oo ee! Haa!
Pareke fun mi baby oo eee
[do your thing, no one can stop you]
Eeeh! Mi oo eee!

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