Dear auntie could you please stand over my shoulders while ijbol and spray my estratetraenol perfume on to seduce the idgaf war troopers and veterans at the neoliberal furry comic convention that’s located two blocks away from the excavation site… lyrics


K.K. Slider

[Verse 1: أم حمودي البغدادية]
I like to remind myself
Of the word “aglet”
From time to time to remember the feeling
Of being nine watching “Phineas and Ferb”
Like nothing happened two days after
A missile was launched into my neighborhood

Now I make pizzas in airfryers
‘Cause i’m strung out to leisuring in bed
I have, Yes, I do have extreme desires
To fornicate and then shoot him in the head

[Verse: Emily Montes]
My name's Emily and I'm five
I like playing ROBLOX and I like going outside
I miss school but I'm stuck inside
This virus has me losing my mind

[Verse 2: أم حمودي البغدادية]
Chrysanthemums, Forget-Me-Nots
And pus*y willow shaped afterimages
Of lots of meese and my benevolent
My benevolent gaggle of geese
New cultivars of blooms and shrooms
And kids used to sing
“Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full”

Now all the kids are iPad kids
And they sing stuff like this

[Verse: Kamala Harris]
The wheels on the bus go round ’n’ round
Round ‘n’ round
Go round ’n’ round

[Verse: K.K. Slider]
When the bubblegum pops
I want you to smile
And remember every good time
We had when skies were grayyy (the wheels on the bus go-)
Oh, Bubblegum dear (round ‘n’ round)
Why are you crying? (round ’n’ round)
I’ll never let them take (round ‘n’ round ‘n’-)
My Bubblegum away. (round ‘n’ round)

And when the skies
Are all blue
All I can think of is yoooou
The world lights at your smile
And shines at the sound
Of your lauugh
And Bubblegum dear
I just want to see you again
Salvation equates to being c*nty coffee cup, to feel her ordeals as she holds the hottest of beverages inside of her, Nevertheless, remains tough and c*nt on the outside; Serving face while she’s being served
What is being?
What does it mean to “Be”?

[Verse: Hatsune Miku]
Miku, Miku, you can call me Miku
Blue hair, blue tie, hiding in your wi-fi
Open secrets, anyone can find me
Hear your music running through my mind

I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)

I'm on top of the world because of you
All I wanted to do is follow you
I'll keep singing along to all of you
I'll keep singing along

I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
I'm thinking Miku, Miku (oo-ee-oo)
*kamala ijbols*
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