Lil Gotit


Can't rush the vibe, brando
Oh, lil’ bro made this?

[Chorus: Bhad Bhabie]
If it's 'bout my money, I'm taxin' ho's
If it's 'bout my mans, I'm whackin' ho's
Crazy-ass b*tch, I'm attractive ho
Let the gang-run through, pass the ho
Smash the ho, pass the ho
Bat the ho, then trash the ho
Trash the ho, smash the ho
Pass the ho, then bat the ho
Bhabie might pull up, smack the ho
Talkin’ real tough, get you out the door
That hoe put on a big show
Bhabie come through with all the dough
Bhabie come through with all the racks
Pull up, get your sh*t snatched
Like "Lil' b*tch, let me get that
Now you won't get that sh*t back"

[Verse 1: Bhad Bhabie]
Ho's talk tough through their phone screen
When you see me, pus*y b*tch, hope you could hold spеak
They say, "Bhabie, she all talk, won't pull up to thе scene"
We push up hunnid deep in blackshots b*tch, you’ll notice me
Yeah, you’ll know it’s me, his biggest fantasy
One chance is all it takes I had that ass to sleep
He say I'm all he need, that's let him join the team
And when his phone ringin' back-to-back, you’ll know it’s me
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