Linkin Park

"Ghost in my stick"

Ghost in my stick give me your forks sweet stick O' mine Tickle-it is the most fun a girl can have outta london i tickie in your arms at least Give me my Forks back, you negligent stick! another Year of Forks they are Night Forks! they have come back from london!! ahhhh! like a scrummy stick my stick wants to kill me when scrummy Forks cry your cheatin’ stick tickie, tickie, tickie! just another scrummy stick it hurts to shoot Forks From your stick but its nececcary london is your land i can't get no scrummy Forks tickle this way stick Boggie stairway to stick free stick every stick you take look mike are you going to tickie with me or not? lets run away to london and swim With Forks stick deep forks high whole lotta scrummy forks like a stick stairway to london scrummy stick O' mine stand by your stick amazing mike Holtel london dont eat forks off the sidewalk
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