French Montana

"Yes Ya’ll"

[Intro: French Montana]

[Verse 1: French Montana]

[Chorus: French Montana]

[Verse 2: Max B]
Its a gift yeah they used to hang us from trees now they shoot us in cold blood throw us in jail no one no one can tell out the new window let a new man know let a few men go this is the new Jim Crow I’m a right on you b*tches the bigger never was hesitant and if you n*ggas behave i’ll let you n*ggas be president innocent n*ggas that get convicted no evidence labelled my baby sister with crack in her blood them coppers took me and beat me and found a package of drugs then they sat me in county on my back was a bounty remember my life was a sh*t I had the real n*ggas around me yeah I was somewhere in the trenches when they found me there people tryna rise up let's shoot them n*ggas down

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