Mushari’s Waltz lyrics


Alan Menken

My professor at Cornell
(May his dear soul rest in hell)
Said a brilliant thing to me
Little Norman Mushari

Though my name was Lebanese
And my grades were mostly 'D's
I was still his pet
And shan't forget
The words he spoke were these:

"Just as a good airplane pilot should always be looking for places to land
So should a good lawyer be looking for situations where large amounts
Of money are about to change hands. For you see, students..."

In each big transaction there happens a moment
When onе certain party surrenders a trеasure
And one other man who's about to receive it
Has not yet done so

In such a transaction, the watchful young lawyer
Will notice this moment, endeavor to use it
Exacting a chunk of aforementioned treasure
Then pass what is left to his client
A magical moment, a marvelous moment
A moment a lawyer adores
A lyrical moment, a miracle moment
The moment you finally get yours

"Dismissed," said he
Okay, let's see...

"The president shall be president for life
Unless proved legally insane, at which time the presidency shall be passed on
To the next closest relation of Senator Rosewater... Indeed."

If I could locate such a living relation
I'll bet I could win him control of the fortune
By proving that Elliot's totally bonkers
As easy as proving the Pope to be Catholic

And I'd represent in the legal proceedings
The next-in-line heir to the Rosewater fortune
So when the poor fruitcake surrenders his treasure
I'm there at the magical moment

Ah there lies the moment, the laudable moment
Applaud-able moment I bless
The moment that's reeking, financially speaking
Exuding the smell of success
Dear darling professor, oh how can I thank you
For opening the door to such beauty and wonder
Divining the moment, the magical moment
The moment of power, the moment of plunder!

The fabulous moment, back-stabulous moment
The moment to foment a barrister's pleasure
A top-rated moment, a gold-plated moment
A moment of avarice, greed beyond measure

I'll work 'til the moment
I'll lurk toward the moment
Delicious and vicious as moments can be
Oh god, I adore me, you smart little Normy
I won't even charge me a fee
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