Magnum Poetry lyrics




[Verse 1]
They, they hoping I'ma slip up
There's a bigger chance of a blood doing crip walk
And there's a bigger chance of pigs flying
But pigs made bullets fly and now there's kids dying
They don't know about the beef
But I put my rib, eye, heart and soul in this sh*t
I spit a milly pound worth of game up in this mic
I got some sh*t I stand for that don't sit right
In my insides they try to call me out with no invites
This I dislike
f*ck this petty sh*t, I'd rather sort it with a fist fight
Shots I gotta take to assure you I don't miss, right
And I don't miss right?
I aim steady, you ain't ready
It's a shame every hater that I have ain't met me
Or don't know me
But show me love when we meet
It's all phoney
When you're climbing to the top, G, It's all lonely


[Verse 2]
Magnum poetry
I feel it's potency growing over me
And over me is known respectfully
So if it ain't cash, sign the check for me
I float with death and destiny
I work every day there's no rest for me
Paigons wanna hate and it's testing me
But God keep me safe, cause he blessing me
And I'm just doing what is best for me
So f*ck anyone who ain't impressed with me
Especially the bummed out haters that talk wass
They giving me cheap talk, but still can't afford that
My wardrobe is all black, the shoebox is all racks
The money is evergreen, I still can't afford tax
So trust me it's all facts, so who's settling scores?
C'mon, circle smaller than ever before
And my temper shorter than ever before
But my bank account taller than ever before
It's all facts
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