Shots Fired (f/ Dee Wade, Bankroll Buna) lyrics


OMB Jay Dee

[Intro: OMB Jay Dee]
OMB 1800 n*gga
A lotta GDK sh*t man
Y’all n*ggas know how we comin man
Jay dee man

[Verse 1: OMB Jay Dee]
[?] go dumb, hitting for nothing
He get the buggin’ like f*ck that
Boy don’t run, we keep a gun
We throw first we don’t bust back
Moving on ‘em, slide with the apes
n*ggas gonna think that I’m set tripping
Dula on ‘em, free Dula, he’ll hit your medulla
My n*gga’s set different
K with the k, bro don’t throw
They movin’ leery the cops near
K with the k, Savro know
All of the f*ckery stops here
f*ck it, flock (pow pow pow)
Bodies, drop (pow pow pow)

So pass the jay, pass the T.A
Slide on they block, we do the kid
Pass the jay, or pass the T.A
n*ggas don’t know who the shooter is
Dummy, don’t lose your life to the streets go chasе you safer route
Money, my n*ggas gеt to the breesh thats all that we think about
Do-da-do, I got the recipe go clean it up out the chef hurry
[?] I tried to call up Dee Wade he was shooting like Steph Curry
Shack, Bada, Dula (gang)
Free all my fellas these n*ggas is tellin’
Know that i'm thorough so i keep my a weapon
Gang pull up and that gang get the steppin
Gang pull up and that gang get the steppin (hold on)
Run it up, Jay gwapo do a lot for his BM he better go bust it up
f*ck it up, i’m the reason they hating these n*ggas can’t f*ck with us
(yea, gang)

[Verse 2: Dee Wade]
f*ck is they talkin’ bout?
I had to go get a bag
I got me a 6 and I had to walk it out
Lotta money in the safe
See I got a bank but I never bark it out
n*ggas hate, point blank my range
So I brought the coffin out
f*ck it see i brought the coffin out
Milly with me, strapped on the back of the what-you-call-em
I had a pack, I bring out the racks
Me and OMB trap out a what-you-call-em
I see you mad I’m dripping and sh*t
n*gga I’m balling the [?]
They say I ball no adidas on me
n*ggas diss foreign go freezy on him
I do it for Kooda I’m missin homie
Just flew to atlanta with breezes on me
On the block with a pole and some pieces on me
Run up on me we gon’ throw you down
[?] with my guys, we run the town
[?] like a thot ‘cause it get around
n*gga I beat the case so I’m still around
Pull up and we spray and we give em rounds
Gang gang gang

[Verse 3: Bankroll Buna]
Buna G, falayo
sh*t like that
Grrrrt, bap
I went to see big dog up top, he said [?] 3 shots
Running with I’m with O, blow after blow
If it's two of us we gon’ go
Dee Wade got the pieces, shooting like cardell
Hit the breesh and watch it grow
And we get it for the low
Hit the block and make it snow
I did it all for the bros
You know its rose to the gold
You know I play for the team
Bought a Glock with a beam
Jay Dee pull up with extendo
Get shot in his head make him limbo (brrrt, bap)
[?] gon’ shoot til the gun jam
Empty his clip in like ten folk (brrrt, bap)
Rocks and they covered up
We do this for [?] with the yapas we doubled up
No we do not knuckle up
Jay Dee Sha OMB tell a f*ck n*ggas buckle up

[Outro: Bankroll Buna]
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