Subliminals lyrics


OMB Jay Dee

(The Mozzy Way)
Subliminal diss tracks (JayDee, that n*gga crazy)
I can’t even believe that sh*t (Stop lying in your tracks)
Next time, just say my name (Next time be a real n*gga)
Suck my di*k (pus*y)

n*gga I made you (Aye aye)
And I’ll make another one
All I need until the summer come (Watch)
Why you fronting? You know that I’m one of them (No cap)
I’m the reason you lit (what?)
Don’t forget times Mace was taking them trips (Yo Mace)
And yeah, suck my di*k (pus*y)
P Gutta the reason I’m Crip
(?) cap, false (That’s cap)
Start taking them caps off
Them n*ggas behind take them masks off
Tom and Jerry need to back off
Look, (?) like Fivi and JayDee, what is you doing?
Don’t you know he a bad influence?
They ain’t want me around cuz they know that I’m real, I ain’t wanna be dead
Subliminal diss tracks, let me heat up (boom)
Let me get in my mood, turn the beat up (Let’s do it)
(?) think of, you ain’t have no views before we linked up
And I had a mill before I met you (No cap)
Tell me baby boy you disrespectful (What?)
n*gga I ain’t know you, I’m the one you was trying to get next to (Let’s do it)
I’m just disappointed that I let you (What?)
Scared to walk I’m bringing you home (No cap)
You a snake and I’m making it known
Once you see that it’s him you don’t answer your phone (b*tch)
This n*gga crazy, tryna play me
Only jacking the Woo because of JayDee (Me)
Gotta pay the cost (No cap)
And (?) cuz a n*gga soft (pus*y)
Your security a regular n*gga, he be actin all crazy and yelling at n*ggas
n*gga need to stop, how the f*ck you got a bullet proof without a notch? (No notch)
You had to sign a deal, ask Mace, he know what’s up
13 going on 30, n*gga you already thirty plus
Bro do hit and Imma pay him up (sh*t cap)
Quit the capping that n*ggas an actor
Bail 25k, you put 7, and prince put 11, not rich you're a rapper
Never ungrateful, same day home said, “thank you”
Take too many drugs, no minding your own that’s the reason I’m starting to hate you
Look, uh, been lit
Keep it real ‘fore you go on that b*tch sh*t (Like what?)
You ain’t tip the n*ggas you been with
(?) the one who left you after Big Drip
Boy you after my plate
Now that you eating I can’t get a piece
Beat me to the label, ask you for the lease
Brung you to my crib you ain’t have nowhere to sleep
I know you forgot
But I remember (Remember that sh*t)
Manager told you to leave me ‘lone cuz I ain't coming home
But I was back September
And that’s (?)
That sh*t made me sicker (You was a b*tch)
You let that smack tree just surrender (b*tch)
They control your body off the liquor
You gotta fix up (Cap)
Now lets bring it back to the Crip stuff
Boy I'm GSC, Crip, if you gotta problem we can six up
Just come outta Jersey
Been a target, and I’m still a target
Going loco if I feel retarded
You been hiding out since your deal started
Look, n*gga suck my di*k (Uhh)
And I mean it, I’m saying it twice (No cap)
You ain’t tough, that’s hype
You tryna rap another n*gga life
If it’s up then it’s stuck (pus*y)
I ain’t sayin no more
And your BM a sl*t
How you jacking that baby, you know that’s not yours
Really in the field, I was kickin’ in doors
Play with the Clinccers, I ain’t have a choice
Never got robbed n*gga, not at all
How long on your di*k if you ain’t got balls?
What the f*ck is a trust?
You don’t got trust, cuz I wouldn’t either
pus*y, never 6-0 you a woman beater

b*tch ass n*gga
Suck my di*k
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