CREMATE (Run Outta Lucc) lyrics


OMB Jay Dee

[Verse 1: Dusty Locane]
Yeah, I'm stuck in my ways (My ways)
Chase the bag, I gotta get paid (Get paid)
Grab the .40, I'm lettin' it blaze (It blaze)
Off the scene we switchin' them lanes (Grrt)
These n*ggas, they f*cked up (They f*cked up)
Run up on me, you gon' run out of luck (Run out of luck)
I keep that gun tucked (Gun tucked)
Say you a killer, we feedin' them slugs

[Verse 2: Stelly Hundo]
I can't speak on the–, this right here (Right here)
But that n*gga dead in the air (In the air)
He try to run and got hit in the rear (He got clapped)
From the 'Ville, not a n*gga I fear (Facts)
n*ggas gotta check in wit' the seven
He was a demon, we sent him to heaven (Sent him up)
He was down and he switched on the homies (On the gang)
New treesh gon' go for the homies
[?] got stick wit' a beam
Wit' the fiends put the rock in my jeans
I'm from the O, it get drastic (It get drastic)
[?] like, pass me the 'matic (Like, pass me the 'matic)
n*ggas tough on the phone, that ain't static
Like, if you ain't a 'ooter, then pass it (n*gga, please)
Who that be? Top shottas (Top shottas)
Who that is? Big papa (Big papa)
What they on? [?] drop 'em
Oh, he big? Who shot ya'? (Who shot ya'?)
I stay wit' the cuzzy, he totin' the tan
Two knocks 'cause I came wit' the double
[?], I'm not tryna scuffle
Play wit' the gang and a n*gga in trouble
Ayo, cig! Where the homies?

[Verse 3: OMB Jay Dee]
Look, nd these six n*ggas know what I did (No cap)
I been uppin' that since a kid (Boom, boom, boom)
He actin' crazy, I'm pushin' his wig
[?] low, I ain't doin' the bid
He was talkin' on bro, we slid
Four [?] was a dangerous crip
Free [?] cig
Life like mine only life to live (Ayo, cig!)
Got it on me so how you gon' touch me?
If I shot and I missed, then he lucky
5 A.M. I was up for the uppy
Louis V, I'm used to wearin' Rugby
Ain't die 'cause that boy try to rush me
Wit' the 60s, rollin', controllin'
Call up the Loc and we gon' do 'em dusty
[?] but I'm still in the mix
Only problem, I'm spinnin' and sh*t
Gotta focus on winnin' and sh*t
Lost lil' bro, I ain't feelin' this sh*t
Catch a hit and maneuver the V
[?] I'm still in the 'jects
We did 'em wrong, wasn't movin' correct
Big .45, we don't [?] 9
You don't get it? Do the math
[?] pass
Had the knockers, I ain't have a mask
[?] do the rest
And I'm known from the East to the West
Homie try to put me to the test (Suck my di*k!)
Do him dirty, bro clean up the mess (Are you dumb?)
[Verse 4: Dusty Locane]
Yo, Jay Dee, a couple n*ggas talkin' crazy
How they figured we strapped like the navy?
'Cause remember the fame ain't changed me
Which you want, the crip or the set?
Rookie in the gang but I'm movin' like a vet'
Steady gon' clean up the mess
Apes on the loose so you know we ain't aimin' for less
'Cause mama [?] put that boy to rest
Point at his head, give a f*ck 'bout a vest
[?] mission, you know we come next
Came here for less, my n*ggas they never
Feva gang post up on the Clocc
With eliminated chops, you wouldn't imagine
Baby, [?] gon' let off the 'matic

[Verse 5: 3Kizzy]
Yo, ask word to five 'cause it's classified
You get shot down if you not one of mine
Old way in and it's live and die
Call up Sleep and now he gettin' televised
When it come to the 'rips
My n*ggas, they breakin' the rules
Take [?] top out it's silver
Done got my Apes on the loose
Roll wit' the rush or get crushed
Caught me a opp, got left in the mud
Hop out the V, then dump
If he said that he shine, I'm leavin' him slumped
By that belt, ready to clutch
Rock different, showin' no love
And my [?] don't play one of ones
Hollow tips cremate him like the sun
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