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OMB Jay Dee

[Intro: OMB Jay Dee, Jayy Savv]
Grrt, Grrt
(Its them OMB n*ggas)
(Beats by Yamaica Productions baby)
Grrt, Gang, Jay Dee and Jayy Savv n*gga
(Beats by Yamaica Productions baby)

[Hook: OMB Jay Dee]
Who knew OMB was up next
We some young n*ggas wilding for respect
Why he foul, gon go & get the TEC
Act up, get to blowing like a ref
They don't know that gang got tools
Why these lil n*ggas snitching, telling clues
We’ll put a n*gga body on the news
f*ck around prolly stain him for his jewels x3

[Verse 1: OMB Jay Dee]
OMB, that's my brothers it’s only my brothers and you know that’s the gang
33 in ya set and he wilding for respect and he taking ya chain
And these n*ggas is lame and they all on my di*k and they saw me & panicked
TA got the duffle and if I let it off then he doing the same
Something wrong with ya brain when u got the duffle you going insane
Jayy Savv in the cut and he don’t give a f*ck, he just f*cking ya main
If you think I’m a stain try running up on me you gon be ashamed
f*ck giving out clues u gon be on the news and thats word to the gang
Try coming in Vegas, no bluffing in Vegas we gon let off 16
We ain’t bluffing n*gga we gon really show you what this 21 mean
n*gga thats a field we gon make a movie give 'em up 21 scenes
We don't give a f*ck thats a dead opp, ain't no 21 G’s

[Verse 2: Jayy Savv]
Grrt, Grrt, Gang, Gang, Gang
Yo TA dont miss em, they talkin’ ‘bout class so we gon dismiss em
All this dope in my system, talk bad about gang and we leaving you missing
See i’ve been on my grind, that big face rolex I used it for time
But I ain’t got time, for you broke lil b*tch get the f*ck out my line
I'm back in my ways, I'm back in my grind might cop me a wraith
Margiela’s Balmain's, my OMB n*ggas are into some things
Boy you look like a stain, I see it, I want it, I’m snatching ya chain (gimme that)
For the money and fame, n*ggas switch up cuz these n*ggas be lame
But that can’t be me, .45 on my waist and it look like a BB
I be gettin' to the cheese, couple crumbs every-week red j’s on my feet
n*ggas be broke and these b*tches be weak, go get some guap, n*gga get on your feet
You thinkin' Red Lobster’s, I’m thinking Phillipe’s
Grrt OMB OMB, I’m thinking Phillipe’s
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