LetmypeopleGO lyrics


Stephen Schwartz

Go, Go, Go
Go, Go, Go
Go, Go, Go
Let my people, Go
Let my people, Go
Ay, Ay, Yeah

Pillar of fire by night
And a pillar of vapor by day
Walk through the desert but when you admire the light
See the villains are paper mâché
I’m on the way
To the promised land
No contraband
I’m an honest man
Uncommon beat
How y’all met me
I’m set free, playing my part
Like the Red Sea

Manna from heaven
I’m here with my brethren
The volume’s eleven
Now we’re getting rowdy
Swing from the scaffolding
Spiritual happenings
Miracles are all around me
This ain’t no balcony
I’m in the front row
Mosh pit is crowding me
They got the gusto
I’m good if you couldn’t tell
Pharaoh you took an L
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