With You (From ”Pippin”) / Gifts of Love (From ”The Baker’s Wife”) lyrics


Stephen Schwartz

[Part I: With You]

[Verse 1]
My days are brighter than morning air
Evergreen pine and autumn blue
But all my days were twice as fair
If I could share
My days with you

[Verse 2]
My nights are warmer than fire coals
Incense and stars and smoke bamboo
But nights were warm beyond compare
If I could share
My nights with you

[Part II: Gifts of Love]

[Verse 3]
A fresh-picked rose beside my bed
The coffee pot there hot there when I raise my head
Each day the first thing that I see
Your little gifts of love for me

[Verse 4]
When days were cold, when nights were stark
That's when your small ways always brightened up the dark
When trouble comes, I muddle through
By sharing gifts of love with you
[Part III: With You]

To dance in my dreams
To shine when I need the sun
With you
To hold me when dreams are done
And oh, my dearest love
If you will take my love
Then all my dreams are truly begun

[Part IV: Gifts of Love]

[Verse 5]
But who need dreams, if when I wake
I'm holding tight there, right there, the one who cures the ache?
So this I swear by God above
Each day anew
I will thank you
For what are truly gifts of love
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